Load File from SDCard in epubReader

Jan 28, 2014 at 12:53 PM
Hello everyone,
 I integrated this reader to my project. It is working fine. & I want to load the file from SDCard instead of Isolated storage of device
To open file from Isolated storage we have IsolatedStorageFileStream

Right know I tried like this
ExternalStorageDevice sdCard = (await ExternalStorage.GetExternalStorageDevicesAsync()).FirstOrDefault();

            // If the SD card is present, get the route from the SD card.
            if (sdCard != null)
                    ExternalStorageFile file = await sdCard.GetFileAsync(_sdFilePath);
                    // _sdFilePath is string that having file path of file in SDCard

                    // Create a stream for the route.
                    Stream file = await file.OpenForReadAsync();

                    // Read the route data.
                     ePubView.Source = file;
Please give a suggestion regarding this..